[C-safe-secure-studygroup] New Sample Rule

Robert Seacord rcseacord at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 15:30:19 BST 2018

I finally wrote a new sample rule.  The rule itself is shit, but I promised
I would put together a proposed template for how to write them and this is
a start.  Sorry for the delay;  massive fires to put out last week.

I added a new rule to the end of the document:


And assigned it the next sequential number (5.47) and a tag [ptrint]

I then added the required sections and put in some initial text.  Again,
it's just a template so if someone would like to take this one over and add
to it that would be fine.

I then added a link from the page we use to track our progress through the


The new bits are in red:

|  [Rule 11.4](/misrarule11.4)  |  A conversion should not be performed
between a pointer to object and an integer type | Reviewed - no consensus
) |

I'm not sure the link to the commit is the best way to do it, but it mostly
works.  Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Hopefully we'll have some new proposed rules to look at on Wednesday.

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