[C-safe-secure-studygroup] MISRA and packed structures

Roberto Bagnara bagnara at cs.unipr.it
Tue Nov 27 14:33:27 GMT 2018

On 11/27/18 1:05 PM, Robert Seacord wrote:
> Is there any MISRA rules which disallow the use of packed structures?

Hi Robert.

As everything concerning the memory representation of structures
is implementation-defined, Directive 1.1 (Any implementation-defined
behaviour on which the output of the program depends shall be documented
and understood) applies.  In this respect, packed and non-packed
structures are no different from one another: any packing/non-packing
is just one of the way in which the compiler can define the behavior: Each non-bit-field member of a structure or union object
              is aligned in an implementation-defined manner appropriate
              to its type.

Here I am quoting C11 because I know that you care about that version
of the language, whereas for MISRA C:2012 I would have to quote the
equivalent sentences in C90 and C99.

In addition, to Directive 1.1, if the selection of a packed representation
is done with special syntax (as opposed to be controlled from the command
line), then advisory Rule 1.2 (Language extensions should not be used)
might apply.
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