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John Lewis john_lewis at mac.com
Wed Jan 11 13:29:26 UTC 2017

Hi Chris,

Whilst “commit early and often” is good practice for many types of software development, for safety critical (especially) and security critical development it isn’t always possible and one either has to use “long transactions” - where other users are locked-out (for possibly several days) or a separate branch has to be taken. The user stories seem to be very simplistic. 

Many “requirements” are implicit - so obvious that they should not really need to be stated - and frequently are not!. They should be discovered before or at the latest during development e.g. the requirement for the Type45 destroyers to be able to operate in warm water (currently the subject of a dispute between the Royal Navy and Rolls-Royce). 

As Andrew points out Software Engineering is more than writing code (inc. CI and Test code) and an “industry standard” will not cater for stupidity or missing/changing requirements so “Compliance” to an industry standard is pretty meaningless. Similarly, checking that the requirements are traced through to code does not help if the requirements are not explicitely stated. You may be interested in http://www.objektum-modernization.com/case_study_4.php <http://www.objektum-modernization.com/case_study_4.php> - long projects have their own problems.

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