[trustable-software] Exploring the "Hypothesis for software to be trustable"

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Agreed anyone?

On 3 January 2018 at 10:14, Paul Sherwood <paul.sherwood at codethink.co.uk>

> On 2018-01-03 10:09, Rob Kendrick wrote:
>> >>I'm interested to see in inclusion of 'Concise' within this
>>> >>list. How do you imagine we can measure 'Concise' ?
>>> Edmund - so far I haven't concluded that we need to be able to
>>> measure everything. If you believe that we *do* need to measure
>>> something like this, can you justify why?
>> If you take "concise" to be an absolute rather than a variable quality,
>> you can measure it by seeing if you can find a shorter alternative
>> wording that is as equally comprehensive.
> If we insist on this, I think we'd be creating more work than it's worth,
> though?
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