[trustable-software] I fear we need trustable hardware too...

Agustín Benito Bethencourt agustin.benito at codethink.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 11:43:38 GMT 2018


On Thursday, 4 January 2018 11:10:21 WET Paul Sherwood wrote:
> When this discussion list in 2016 we were already seeing enough news
> headlines to realise the scale of the elephant in the room for software
> trustability.
> Now it's becoming clear [1] with the discovery of the Meltdown + Spectre
> [2] vulnerabilities (and Rowhammer), we have to think about the elephant
> underneath... in the hardware.
> My immediate emotional reaction has been to worry that this is just
> another signal that what we're thinking about is futile. What's the
> point of trustable software, if we can't trust the hardware?

I would like to get something positive out of what is happening. Maybe this is 
obvious for us but...

These news might help to put pressure on those decision makers that believe 
that the implementation of software updates strategies are not an absolute 
priority, specially in safety critical environments, like automotive.

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Agustín Benito Bethencourt
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