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AMANDA BROCK amanda.brock at trustable.io
Tue Aug 6 12:25:13 BST 2019

Good afternoon all, 

A quick note to let you know that the talk submitted by myself, Charles and McCoy after a call for participation to this list, “ Thoughts on Trust in Open Source”, has been successful and has been accepted into the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit in Lyon, on 28-30 October.  We will have more detail on timing shortly and I will share those details with you. 

I have had a talk on Trustable accepted for All Things Open in Raleigh on 14 October, https://allthingsopen.org/speakers/amanda-brock/ <https://allthingsopen.org/speakers/amanda-brock/>

As a reminder, we will also have a panel including Sachiko Muto, Andrew Katz, Martin von Wilibrand and Bjorn Lundell at the Open Infra Days in Stockholm on 3 October and I will be speaking at Wuthering Bytes in Hebden Bridge on 30 August https://wutheringbytes.com/whatson/festival-day <https://wutheringbytes.com/whatson/festival-day>

I also plan to participate in the Linux Foundations’ Compliance Summit in Tokyo 17-18 December, speaking with Andrew Katz to give a European compliance update. This will be particularly interesting with Open Chain moving to ISO status.

I hope to see some of you at these events.

It would be great if you could please share with the list if you will be including Trustable in any talks. We would love to add them to the web site. 

With best wishes and hope that you are all enjoying the summer.


Amanda Brock
CEO, Trustable

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