[trustable-software] STPA Documentation Tool

Shaun Mooney shaun.mooney at codethink.co.uk
Mon Aug 19 12:16:45 BST 2019

Dear all,

Thanks to the work by Matt Green, Codethink have released a completely 
free and open source tool for documenting STPA.

The tool facilitates the storage of analysis data and automates the 
production of analysis documentation. It handles all of the analysis 
data in a tree structure, automatically managing reference numbers for 
all items, and data items can be linked and cross-referenced in the 
structure. Having the tool manage all cross referencing and numbering 
reduces a lot of effort. Everything is saved in plain text, which means 
the the analysis data can be version controlled easily.

It is being hosted on flathub:


Otherwise, the source can be downloaded and built from:


Currently it is only available for Linux, but it is our intention to 
make this available for Windows as well.

As a free and open source project, we welcome everyone to use this 
freely, and encourage any collaborators who would like to provide 
improvements or feedback.

Kind Regards,


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