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Wed Nov 27 10:19:23 GMT 2019

At the heart of the discussion around trust is the application of the mind 
to the evaluation of the what data is capable of verification.

The centre of this debate is around the formal definitions that we use to 
describe the process and the wording of what is involved.

This discussion is centred around a hange raised here

The debate raised is around the word feedback vs the use of the word 

In current policitical climate opinion is assessed perhaps negatively, but 
within the dictionary definitions there are clear differences.

The Webster dictionary definition of opinion is clear in that it is a 
view, judgement or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter.

The same dictionary definition of feedback is the transmission of 
evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to 
the original or controlling source.

The nature of feedback is the deterministic approach and the lack of the 
application of the mind (thought processes associated with this 

In the case of determining the whether some action is approapriate when we 
are addressing 'trustable' actions I believe at the heart of this is the 
nature of the mind and thus the correct usage here is within opinion and 
that associated formal definition.

I would argue strongly that this misuse of feedback is determental to the 
delivery of the ideas we are trying to transmit

It is my view that the aforementioned merge is in fact damaging to this 


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