[trustable-software] t.opinion isn't t.feedback

Paul Albertella paul.albertella at codethink.co.uk
Wed Nov 27 11:44:30 GMT 2019

Hi Edmund,

Thanks for sharing your thinking about this, and the reasons for your 
objection to the term 'feedback' and preference for 'opinion'. I 
completely agree that our understanding of this concept is at the heart 
of the discussion, and hence I am keen to resolve this.

You wrote:
 > The Webster dictionary definition of opinion is clear in that it is a
 > view, judgement or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular
 > matter.

We may be talking at cross-purposes here, due to a different 
understanding of what this concept includes.

Are you saying that what we are calling t.opinion is *only* intended to 
cover inputs to the evaluation process that are recorded by humans?

I understood the concept to extend beyond this, to include e.g. a set of 
test results (or an abstraction of these results into an overall 
pass/fail verdict) resulting from a verification activity. We could 
argue that this kind of input also results from the application of the 
human mind (in this case, through the creation of a set of tests), but 
it no longer feels appropriate to describe this as 'opinion'.

Do we need to have two terms, to allow us to distinguish between these 
two types of input, or can we come up with a term that encompasses both?



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