[trustable-software] t.opinion isn't t.feedback

Paul Albertella paul.albertella at codethink.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 10:03:33 GMT 2019


I wrote:
 > Do we need to have two terms, to allow us to distinguish between these
 > two types of input, or can we come up with a term that encompasses
 > both?

After discussing this with a colleague (Daniel Silverstone, take a bow), 
we have another suggestion:

1) We retain t.opinion, but explicitly define it as a recorded statement 
from a human relating to a t.proposal, which is necessarily subjective.

2) We add a new element called t.score, which represents recorded input 
to an evaluation process that can be mechanically processed. This may be 
human in origin (e.g. a record of a show of hands in a meeting, or an 
approval registered through a code review system), or it may come from a 
computer system (e.g. pass/fail logged by an automated process, based on 
the results of a test execution).

* A t.score MAY be supported or accompanied by a t.opinion.
* A t.score MAY be supported by other recorded evidence (e.g. full test
   results or a log file).

I hope that this makes a clearer distinction between the different 
classes of evidence that we want to consider, while being sufficiently 
generic to enable us to model any type of process.



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