[trustable-software] t.opinion isn't t.feedback

Paul Albertella paul.albertella at codethink.co.uk
Thu Nov 28 14:22:07 GMT 2019


Edmund wrote:
 > it is my view that in modern times, the statement that this is only
 > possible from a human again is incorrect. Approaches such as
 > argumentation and Wigmore chart allow the automation here.

OK, another alternative, which might be simpler:

Rename t.opinion as t.response, and leave the classification of 
different types of recorded input (human or otherwise), to a more 
detailed level of analysis.

This seems to fit with the existing level of abstraction for the 
ontology, and flows better as part of the overall narrative:

- a t.identity submits a t.proposal
- other t.identities may record a t.response
- the t.proposal and any recorded t.responses are evaluated to decide
   whether the t.proposal is ready to become part of a t.history



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